Ambux Limited is the proud developer and promoter of Mayfair properties. Established in Birmingham, UK, Ambux Limited specialises in the building of brand-new residential and commercial units across the West Midlands, England.

The Company takes pride in having successfully developed, built and managed residential and commercial projects over the past decades. As a full-service building company, it also provides extensions, renovations, conversions and maintenance expertise, tools and facilities coupled with the development, engineering, design and management of real estate properties.

Their vertically integrated know how and competence has led them to venture outside of England, namely through the Mayfair projects in Mauritius. It encompasses the development, construction and management of exhilarating developments in prime coastal beach regions and main cities of the tropical island.


Ambux Limited strives to provide quality and exceptional service based on cherished business principles of Respect, Accountability, Integrity and Honesty. We ensure that projects benefit from the individual care and attention of our dedicated, professional and innovative teams.


At Ambux Limited, we aim to offer prompt customer service through relevant, reliable and adequate information. From the inception to the completion of a project, we spend valuable time examining the most affordable and innovative building solutions. Ambux also guarantees the use of latest engineering technology, tools and materials for maximum safety and security in compliance with all local legislations and building regulations.


Delivering beyond standard-quality end products, promptly and without unpleasant last-minute surprises remain key. The objective is to build credibility and lasting relationships with residents.