Make your life smarter

From its humble beginnings as a new developer serving the local market, Mayfair has transferred into a thriving renowned brand with its continual persistence and dedication to bring innovative concepts which exceeds your expectations. Mayfair Avanti has taken its cues from the fast-growing passion and allurement for smart technology in properties and has incorporated a wide range of new gadgets for the modern consumer.

The Interiors designed by Casa Fia

Casa Fia, a Dubai based interior design company has partnered up with Mayfair ensuring each development is delivered with an alluring theme and is available to bring a unique touch and style to your apartment.

Mayfair Avanti being the most technological advance development in the Mayfair portfolio demanded modern contemporary theme which would flow throughout. Casa Fia has hand picked quality, crafted materials which will ensure this motif is sensed at every step you take.

The interiors have been designed to compliment the new age of Smart Technology whilst bearing in mind that functionality and practicality are paramount in creating the perfect space.

Mayfair Avanti has been designed with technology at the forefront and this has also determined the modern – contemporary theme presented. The range of technology on offer is perfectly complimented by the sharp and bold interior.

The apartments have been sculpted with clean defined lines and a colour pallet that grounds the modern aspects bestowing a light and uncluttered living area.

Mayfair Avanti showcases an interior footprint where strong features blend harmoniously with simplicity. A minimalistic layout which oozes class and richness in parallel with functionality.

WIFI intercom – video intercom which can be viewed from anywhere from your mobile device.

Remote access to Entrance – access your apartment via a mobile device or use your fingerprint to unlock your doors without having to carry keys.

WIFI light switches – turn on the lights from anywhere using your mobile device, or set a timer to fit your routine.

Smart sockets – WIFI operated sockets which allows you to turn on appliances from anywhere using your mobile device.

Bluetooth speakers – home entrainment ceiling speakers which can be played from your mobile device.

Motion Sensors – WIFI operated motions sensors which notify your mobile device of any activity within a designated area.

Control Hub – connecting all your smart devices together so they can work together creating your preferred scene at a touch of a button.

Robotic Vacuum/Mop – a vacuum cleaner that does the work for you without you having to be there. Controlled by your mobile device.

Alexa units – a virtual assistant technology which allows all devices to be voice activated.

Find yourself in a space where excitement and luxury living will bring a new perspective to your dream lifestyle and give you the opportunity to explore new adventures.


  1. Foundation – Reinforced concrete.
  2. Superstructure – Reinforced concrete and block walling.
  3. External finishes

3.1. Floor – Staircase and landing: Natural cement screed external driveway car park: tarmac, cobble stone and / or interlock paving blocks to designated areas. – Basement Parking: reinforced concrete slab with concrete flooring and paint markings.

3.2. Wall – External & Internal walls: block work / concrete.

3.3. Paint finishes – External walls: paint smooth finish – emulsion paint. – Internal walls: paint smooth finish – emulsion paint. – Parking levels: natural concrete finish paint markings.

3.4. Ceiling – Parking: reinforced concrete slab fair- faced finish. – Lift lobbies: reinforced concrete slab fair face finish with flush plastered false ceiling and paint finishes.

3.5. Doors – Parking levels 1 & 2: fire rated doors to lift lobbies. – Duct doors in lift lobbies: aluminium powder coated. – Staircase: fire rated doors.

  1. Internal finishes

4.1. Floor Premium & Prestige condominiums: – living, dining, kitchen, laundry, passageway, bedrooms and bathrooms: ceramic tiles

4.2. Walls – All walls rendered and painted with 3 coats emulsion paint finish. – Common and Ensuite bathrooms: ceramic tiles minimum 1m80 high around shower area. Emulsion paint finish on other surfaces. – Ceramic tiles skirting in all areas

4.3. Ceiling – Floor height – soffit of slab shall be approximately 2m85 high. – Fair-faced finish and emulsion paint finish in all areas.

4.4. Waterproofing – Waterproofing to all exposed slab, balcony, terrace and roof.

4.5 Parking area – Natural concrete finish with paint markings.

4.6. Paint finishes – Three coats of emulsion paint (wall one colour only, ceiling white).

  1. Openings – Condominium main entrance: timber solid door – Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen: timber flush doors – Aluminium powder coated glazed doors and windows – Ironmongery: selected quality locksets to doors



  1. Bathrooms, sanitary wares & Tapware

1.1. Common bathroom – One wash hand basin with cabinet furniture and a mixer. – One shower with shower mixer. – One toilet set

1.2 Ensuite bathroom – One vanity top with a wash hand basin and a mixer. – One shower with shower mixer – One bathtub with bathtub mixer and shower spray. – One toilet set

  1. Kitchen – Water, electrical and gas points provided at specific places. Premium condominiums – Kitchen furniture, sink, tap and equipments are optional. Purchasers are to design their own kitchen



  1. Electrical installation / Telephone point – Concealed electrical wiring. – Design colour switches and sockets (white for premium condominiums).
  2. 2. Water – Common cold water supply to form part of syndicate fees – Instantaneous gas water heater supplied to each condominium.
  3. Gas – Individual metering for each condominium.
  4. Air Conditioning – Concealed conduit for future air conditioning connection provided.
  5. Tv Antenna – Common satellite dishes to be provided in each block.
  6. Security – CCTV cameras monitoring

Named after Charles Pereybere, the quaint coastal village of Pereybere is exploding with attractions and opportunities.

Pereybere is the tropical dream of the coast and a true slice of paradise. A haven for investors since it ranks first on the list when it comes to capital growth and great rental returns.

With free-flowing connections to Grand Bay and Mont Choisy which are friendly routes forming part of a smart city development set to transform the way islanders work, live and play.

The breathtaking crystal lagoon, world renowned beach, rousing shopping malls layered with entertainment, spread of restaurants and sense of rich cultures are just some of the elements that create the serene breeze of positiveness.

Mayfair has made its mark in modern living as it has created a repertoire of exciting developments which resonates across Pereybere. Having secured a prime spot in this vibrant village, its latest technologically smart development, Mayfair Avanti surfaces.

Pereybere gives you the best of both world and will make you fall in love with Mauritius.